Call And Response Records
V/A: Small Lights - A Tribute to Mir

V/A: Small Lights - A Tribute to Mir

Call And Response Records celebrates ten years since its first release by taking a granular look at the artist who perhaps more than any other represents the label's ethos and artistic conscience. Mir's music is simple and sparse but with clear strong melodies, recurring lyrical motifs and distinctive musical identity, making it ideal for covers and reinterpretations. As a result, this compilation is more than just a tribute album, becoming almost a concept album taking the listener on an epic journey over nearly 80 heartbreaking minutes. It's that good.

1. RIM - 舟と灯台
2. ドタマカチワルド - 時代と個人
3. Tropical Death - 100年後
4. Kaki - JUST DECEIVING YOU (だましているのさ)
5. Lo-shi - 待ち合わせ場所を決めておこう
6. 人魂 - ピストル
7. 経立/Futtachi - みんな死ぬ
9. Trinitron - MATCH NO HONO
10. Han Han Art - NAN NIMO NAI SORA
11. 月本正 - 息を止めて
12. Oh Please - ヤ・ニ・マグ・ベス・ティビャ
13. illMilliliter - 世の中みんな批評家
14. Luveless - GOODBYE
15. Transkam - 愛の小舟は打ち砕かれない
16. MIR - 海と灯台のうた
17. 百蚊 - DANCE
2000 JPY