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V/A: Post Flag

V/A: Post Flag

21 Japanese underground artists cover UK postpunk band Wire's debut album Pink Flag track-by-track in its entirety. As well as being fascinating reworking of a classic punk-era album, Post Flag is also a great introduction to the Japanese underground scene, with the participating bands breaking down and reassembling Wire's minimalist original songs in numerous imaginative, creative ways.

1. Tacobonds: Reuters
2. Tiala: Field Day for the Sundays
3. cottonioo: Three Girl Rhumba
4. 突然段ボール / Totsuzen Danball: Ex Lion Tamer
5. Groundcover.: Lowdown
6. Bossston Cruizing Mania: Start to Move
7. アゴーレーカルキン / Agolay Culkin: Brazil
8. Worst Taste: It's So Obvious
9. 百蚊 / Hyacca: Surgeon's Girl
10. ヨルズインザスカイ / Yolz in the Sky: Pink Flag
11. Electric Coma Trio: The Commercial
12. Fluid: Straight Line
13. 遥風堂 / Harukazedou: 106 Beats That
14. And About Hers: Mr. Suit
15. Panicsmile: Strange
16. 石橋英子 / Eiko Ishibashi: Fragile
17. Mir: Mannequin
18. UMIBACHI: Different to Me
19: Her: Champs
20. Accidents in Too Large Field: Feeling Called Love
21. サラダバー / Saladabar: 12XU
2000 JPY