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V/A: Drriill Session

V/A: Drriill Session

Tokyo-based postpunk label Drriill Records has released some of our favourite music over the past few years, including ramshackle guitar pop band Half Sports and sharp-edged postpunk quartet You Got A Radio. This compilation draws from a variety of different artists, from the minimal synth of D.I.S. to the reverb-laden noise-punk of Burgh (formerly Hysteric Picnic) via the almost Britpoppy Black and White. You Got A Radio themselves make a farewell appearance on this compilation, while Vodovo rise from the ashes of Nagoya legends Zymotics. With the exception of Vodovo, all bands were recorded in a single studio session, and combined with the shared sense of angular creativity they all share, this makes Drriill Session an unusually coherent experience without losing the variety in its sound.

1. D.I.S. - Everyone Going To Be Stars
2. Burgh - ボイド / Void
3. Burgh - ウォンブ / Womb
4. Burgh - ケース・スタディ / Case Study
5. Vodovo - Night Now
6. Vodovo - Ghost Dance
7. Vodovo - Night You Bloom
8. D.I.S. - Funeral
9. You Got A Radio! - Parsec
10. You Got A Radio! - What I Need?
11. You Got A Radio! - You Can See The White Horse
12. Black & White - World War 3
13. Black & White - Race Against Time
14. D.I.S. - Track 09

LABEL: Drriill Records
2160 JPY