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V/A: Dancing After 1AM - Japanese electric music in the year 2012

Dancing After 1AM - Japanese electric music in the year 2012 is a compilation covering a broad range of the coolest and most exciting Japanese postpunk, new wave, indie and alternative bands. The title is cynical reference to the laws that criminalise dancing and which have all but killed the nightlife of cities like Osaka, but the live music scene at least is still going strong, and this CD gives 18 good reasons why.

2. Anisakis: ポップコーン畑に黒い影 / Popcorn Bata ni Kuroi Kage 
3. Extruders: Collapsing New Buildings
4. スロウマリコ / Slow-Marico: Saturday-Athletica
5. 小林どろり / Kobayashi Dorori: シェパード / Shepherd
6. cynicalsmileisyourfavorite : Carnival
8. 百蚊 / Hyacca: ユネコ / Uneko
9. macmanaman : Michael in Utero
10. Puffyshoes : Oh My God
11. JEBIOTTO: Deacon Punk
12. otori: 反転 / Hanten
13. New House: Natural Blessings
14. Hysteric Picnic: Abekobe
15. She Talks Silence: Long Ways
16.  経立 / Futtachi: 邂逅の音 / Kaigo no Oto
17. the mornings: fuji
18. Mir: Dance
1800 JPY