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Tropical Death: Thunder Island

Tropical Death: Thunder Island

Tropical Death is a post-hardcore band based in Tokyo, formed in 2014 around guitar/vocal/keytarist Eugene Roussin, bassist Shingo Nakagawa, and drummer Sean McGee, with guitarist “Tete” Motegi completing the current lineup in 2016. The band’s debut EP “Thunder Island” (recorded in 2015 with Looprider's Ryotaro Aoki on guitar) showcases the band’s approach of creating intelligent, accessible music that combines melody with moments of discord and rhythmical complexity. The band draw on influences such as Fugazi, Q and not U, and Dischord Records, as well as the members’ own backgrounds in Tokyo’s post-rock, indie rock, art-punk and noise-rock underground scene.

Available as a cassette with download code or as a download direct from the band.

Side A
1. Murder in the Streets
2. Commence
3. New Age

Side B
4. You Fucking Changed, Man
1000 JPY