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SEA LEVEL: Dictionary (Handwritten)

SEA LEVEL: Dictionary (Handwritten)

The first full-length album by this Fukuoka- and Tokyo-based post-rock collective is a dreamlike sonic trip through shifting guitar textures, gentle, melancholy melodies, and wispy, fragmented vocals. Along the way, it touches on a series of cultural, social, artistic and philosophical references - from Alan Turing to Philip K Dick - dealing with the relationship between humanity, nature and technology in a warm, accessible way.

1. (Alan Turing’s) Tuning Test
2. Race Against the Drum Machine
3. Draw to the End
4. Silence is a Commons
5. Bob and Alice (in Wonderland)
6. Downhill Slope to the Sea
7. at the Morphogenetic Field
8. the Third Eye Night
9. Only the Paranoid Survive
10. Valis (in Wonderland)
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