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Quit Your Band! zine (Japanese) + Mir: Я не могу без тебя

Quit Your Band! is a Japanese language indie music zine with features, photos, art and reviews focussing on underground music throughout Japan. It also includes the full mini-album  Я не могу без тебя ("I Can't Live Without You" in Russian) by Tokyo new wave band Mir, now performing as a synth-based duo but with the same tightrope between ice and fire informing their desolate musical romanticism.

Zine includes features on or contributions from: Kobayashi Dorori, Nakigao Twintail, Extruders, Doit Science, Jubilee, Futtachi, Mir, and reviews of many more.
Mir: Я не могу без тебя
01 ヤ・ニ・マグ・ベス・ティビャ / Ya ne mogu bez tebya
02 愛の小舟は打ち砕かれない / Ai no Kobune wa Uchikudakarenai
03 TV
04 待ち合わせ場所を決めておこう / Machiawase Basho wo Kimete Okou
05 みんな死ぬ / Minna Shinu
06 Dance
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