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otori: I Wanna Be Your Noise

otori: I Wanna Be Your Noise

Tokyo postpunk/no wave band otori featured on Call And Repsonse's Dancing After 1AM compilation back in 2012, and in I Wanna Be Your Noise released possibly the best Japanese indie album of 2014. A fierce, tautly-wired, laser-guided stab of focused fury, we are very proud to have it in our store.

1. 反解釈 / Hankaishaku
2. suru communication
3. 学習... / Gakushū...
4.当たり障りたい / Atarisawaritai
5.解体/再構築 / Kaitai/ Saikōchiku
6. xxx
7.メタ / Meta
8.反転 / Hanten

LABEL: Gyuune Cassette
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