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N'toko: Mind Business

N'toko: Mind Business

Slovenian rapper N'toko's latest English language album follows on from Ex Shanti / Future Shanti, drawing further from his experiences in Japan, as well as this time casting a more cynical, analytical eye over pop culture. Musically N'toko employs more diverse production styles, featuring along with Slovenian producer Igor Vuk, Swiss producer Beckoning, and Japanese musicians Seijiro Murayama, ZONZONO and
Kaneko Yuki.

Also available on iTunes, links here.

1. Future Perfect
2. The Baddest
3. No Brakes
4. God helps God
5. Smile
6. Mind Business
7. 1989
8. Lion
9. Nagoya
10. Minor Celebrity
11. URL
12. Dunk
13. Staycation
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