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N'toko: Ex Shanti / Future Shanti

N'toko: Ex Shanti / Future Shanti

Combining playful rhymes with arrangements that draw from modern electro as well as 80s synthpop and EBM, Slovenian rapper N'toko's English language material has a sense of anarchic fun that contrasts with his more political, socially-conscious Slovenian language material. Ex Shanti / Future Shanti was recorded partly in Japan, featuring a collaboration with Japanese rapper Kim from Uhnellys, and free-associates its way with a sly sense of humour and a strong sense of a beat through comicbook heroes, the Tokyo club scene, Hindu mysticism and most things between.
1. Superhuman
2. Astroboy and Catwoman
3. Masterplan Intro
4. Masterplan
5. Posing
6. Pillow Fight
7. Fashion Crisis
8. Ex Shanti / Future Shanti
9. Masterplan (BeatMyth Remix)
1600 JPY