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Mir: This Tiny World

Mir: This Tiny World

The debut mini-album by Tokyo new wave/postpunk band Mir, This Tiny World is characterised by sweet yet icy melodies underscored with a sense of violence, and the tension between these aspects gives the CD its precarious balance.  Mir take influences of Brian Eno, Joy Division and Krautrock (in particular Neu!) and reconfigure them into sparse, lonely, broken pop tunes that will break your heart.

1. 時代と個人 (The Times And The Individual)
2. ピストル (Pistol)
3. 百年後  (A Hundred Years Later)
4. 世の中みんな批評家 (The World is Full of Critics)
5. だましているのさ (Just Deceiving You)
1500 JPY