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macmanaman: drunkendesignatedhitter

macmanaman: drunkendesignatedhitter

Drunkendesignatedhitter is a live album by Fukuoka's fiercest, most intense post-rock band, Macmanaman. Recorded live at their hometown's alternative rock hub of Utero, the album captures the full fury and dizzying talent of the instrumental quartet at the top of their game.

1. もじゃもじゃ / Moja Moja
2. マンガ顔 / Manga-gao
3. マイケル / Michael
4. Kill King
5. おひさまともくもく / Ohisa mato Mokumoku
6. 超級警察 / Chō-kyū Keisatsu

LABEL: Red Novel
1500 JPY