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Looprider: Ascension (Cassette Edition)

Looprider: Ascension (Cassette Edition)

A cassette re-release of Looprider's second album, Ascension was initially released on CD in spring 2016. Arriving between the pop- and metal-influenced debut My Electric Fantasy and the predominantly instrumental post-rock album Umi, Ascension explored the band's hardcore- and noise influences.

Available as a cassette with download code (¥1000) or as a download direct from the band via Bandcamp (¥700).

Side A:
1. N.E.C.O.
2. Fantômas
3. Doppelgänger
4. Science ≠ Evolution
5. Kaboom!
6. Sekai
7. Ascension
8. Mustafar
9. 667

Side B (Cassette version only):
1. The Other Side of Ascension
1000 JPY