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Lo-shi: Ninjin

Lo-shi: Ninjin

Lo-shi are an instrumental duo who combine beauty and dissonance in powerful and evocative ways, resulting in eerie and atmospheric soundscapes. Recalling the frantic, skittering beats of post-acid house British electronic music, their music combines this with the influence of experimental music, surrealism, dada and the cosmic soundscapes of Krautrock bands like Neu!, Cluster and Can. “Ninjin” is Lo-shi's third album, and their first to be released on CD.

1. Albertine
2. Yage!
3. Yoron-tô
4. Le pistolet d'os
5. Les amis de la prostate
6. Naruhodone
7. Yûkaku
8. Machiawase basho wo kimete okô (Mir cover)
9. Allez tous vous faire foutre 4
1700 JPY