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Ann Murasato: Wan!

Ann Murasato: Wan!

Ann Murasato has been around in the Kyushu area for a long time with bands like Hakuchi, Denshi Takuan, Kawaite Soro and Tokotokotonntoko’s, but on Wan! she lets loose as a solo artist with a collision of hi-fructose bedroom synthpop and demented bubblegum no wave (particularly on the songs where she’s backed by her other band Tokotokotonntoko’s). A similar oddball corner of Japanese indie has started to make international waves with the recent popularity of Chai, but Ann Murasato is the raw, uncut version.

1. 水曜日 (Suiyobi)
2. ハクリコ (Hakuriko)
3. Go Turn!
4. 僕は捨て猫 (Boku wa Sute Neko)
5. ミカヅキ (Mikazuki)
6. ビニールdeラブ (Vinyl de Love)
7. Fight!
8. レーザービーム (Laser Beam)
9. Go Turn! (s-fukuyama 2018 remix)

LABEL: self-released
2000 JPY