Call And Response Records
V/A: 1-2-3-Go! Tokyo D.I.Y. Music 2005

V/A: 1-2-3-Go! Tokyo D.I.Y. Music 2005

Call And Response Records' first release is a compilation of Japanese alternative, punk and new wave music from the mid-2000s. The first "phase" of the album focusses on darker, more aggressive music, while the second brings in more upbeat and technopop-influenced sounds.
1. Skyfisher: 無差別BOP / Musabetsu Bop
2. Uhnellys: My Mic & Drums & Guitar
3. Saladabar: Fatboy Shape
4: Deracine: The Somebody is You
5. Drive to the Forest in a Japanese Car: Nagisa New Town (Live)
6: Usagi Spiral A: Neu! (Live)
7: Deracine: Business For Your Music ¥1,000,000,000
8. Audipop: Audipops
9: Mosquito: Lie Lie
10: Frottage: メルト銀河 / Melt Ginga
11: Shoot My Disco: ライフサイクルビ / Life Cycle B
12: Skyfisher: 濁った感触 / Nigotta Kanshoku
13: Mosquito: 桃色 / Momoiro
14: Miami: Shiratama Disco
1000 JPY