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泣き顔ツインテール / Nakigao Twintail: イチジク / Ichijiku

泣き顔ツインテール / Nakigao Twintail: イチジク / Ichijiku

Originally formed while at high school in Saga on Japan's western island of Kyushu, Nakigao Twintail are currently based in Tokyo. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic junk sounds of bands like the Boredoms and Yurayura Teikoku, Nakigao Twintail also add their own unique, distorted mixture of garage rock and catchy new wave pop. Based around the loose theme of “grotesque girl”, “Ichijiku” is the band’s first release, recorded with Canadian engineer Graeme Mick, while screaming in the dark, surrounded by sweets at Asagaya Studio Zot during the summer of 2016.

(professionally printed CD/R with card jacket and lyrics booklet)

1. 金魚 / Kingyo
2. 植木 / Ueki
3. オリモノ/ Orimono
4. 祈り / Inori
5. 道路 / Douro
6. 発芽 / Hatsuga
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